What is Tracking?

Tracking means you may track the progress of your parcel with our online parcel tracker using the unique barcode. For further description please refer below

What is and where can I find a tracking number/ticket/tracking code?

Each item sent with Courier Post has a unique ticket attached identifying that item and each ticket includes a unique barcode.

What numbers or letters do I enter into Tracking?

Please use the tracking numbers letters as shown in the examples above (you don't need to include the spaces in-between numbers), or provided to you by the item’s sender. Each item sent with HthcExp has a unique ticket attached identifying that item. Each ticket includes a unique barcode.

How many items can I track at once?

You can enter and receive details for up to 5 tracking numbers at once. For customers tracking using their account number you can receive details for up to 200 items at once.

Can I see the history of my item?

Sure thing, as part of the results screen we will show you the tracking history of your item.

I haven’t received my item yet, where is it?

Please enter the tracking number into the tracking service to find the latest status of your item. Please bear in mind that the time it takes to deliver your item will depend on a combination of the service standard selected by the sender and your delivery location.

How long will it take my item to be delivered? (Service Standards)

This depends on which service was chosen by the sender. As a guide, below is a key to the service codes that appear in your tracking search results. Please be aware that items that are in the delivery process may be still within the targeted service standards. Please also note that Rural Delivery(R) can add 2-3 days to the standard targeted delivery times listed.

E = Economy: Delivery target is 2-3 working days.
O = Overnight: Delivery target is 9am next working day for business addresses and next working day delivery for residential addresses.
S = Saturday: The sender has specified they would like the item delivered on a Saturday.
U = Unknown: We do not have details available yet to identify the service standard for this item.

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